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This site tells of Siberia. We do not claim to be comprehensive, just tried to gather in one place all that we know ourselves. Since Siberia is sparsely populated, we will not talk about the economy, demographics, or administrative unit. Basically, our story will focus on nature, tourism, recreation. Just seems that I have to go here just for that. Here you will find information on how to travel, where to stay, what to see, as the rest. We wish you a pleasant stay.


At the moment we are filling the site, not all the material published. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Sheregesh RECOGNIZED most visited ski resort of RUSSIA

Portal SKI.RU rating was Russian ski resorts and spas. Sports and tourist complex "SHeregesh" in this list took first place in attendance. The second and third places respectively belong "Ohta-Park" in St. Petersburg and "Soroceanu" in the Moscow region. According to the site, just as now in Russia there are about two hundred and four HCA resort without "wild" places skating.

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Tungus meteorite

On a place of falling of the Tungus meteorite there is no crater. And the meteorite itself was not found, not any slice. At present there is no consensus about what was this phenomenon fixed by eyewitnesses and devices of the whole world. It is interesting that the unusual atmospheric phenomena, such as silvery clouds, bri ...